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The Process of Batik Stamp


  1. The fabric is soaked for several days before being placed on a flat table with padded lining

  2. Wax is heated and held at a temperature of between 60-70 degrees Celsius to liquefy.

  3. The Canting Cap is dipped by hand into the liquid wax then pressed on the fabric with sufficient pressure to transfer the design.

  4. This Process can be repeated with and combined with Canting Write.

  5. After the Canting process is completed, the coloring (dyeing) of the material performed, by dipping the cloth into the tank containing liquid color.

  6. This dyeing process will not affect the areas of the material that have the design imprinted in wax by the Canting. Therefore, the dyeing process can be repeated multiple times to obtain appropriate colors by closing the portion that has been colored with wax.

  7. After the coloring process is completed, the material will be boiled to remove all remnants of the wax from the material.

  8. The final process of making batik material is the cleaning and illumination of the colors with soda, before being dried and ironed.

  9. This method of making and dyeing of Batik material produces superior color

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